No kids together. Although, her baby sis was kind of like our "daughter". She calls my W everyday and keeps asking when I will come back. I've been concerned about her dealing with all of this because she knows something isn't right. And I want to hear from her before her surgery should anything happen and I miss my chance to.

As far as I've seen the emotion affair fog has worn off since I confronter her before and then again a week ago. She's guilt ridden and depressed and it's hard for me not to act like her husband right now and comfort her when she's feeling down, but I can't keep giving and giving and not getting that same comfort in return.

Here is what Michele said,

Since you use the term "going dark," I know you re familiar with Divorce Busting principles. That's great. YES, you should definitely go dark. It sounds like she's miserable and if you always pick her up, she can have her cake and eat it too. She is taking you for granted right now. Don't be her safety net. Let her see what it's like without you. Don't be unkind, just don't be so available. I will love to hear what happens in a few weeks or months if you follow this plan. If you have trouble with this, call a Divorce Busting coach for support. You are on the RIGHT track, for sure!

I couldn't have put it better myself! I've been considering this and I'll see how 12 weeks of going dark goes. At least that gives me 2 1/2 weeks to talk to her before D-day, then about a year after to start over.