From per Michelle
I always recommend that, if information is shared, the person with whom it is shared is marriage-friendly, even in the face of infidelity. Nonetheless, it's still important to recognize potential risks.

This absolutely nails it. I was lucky in that this was the case in my sitch.

There were some folks on here a while back who were in to 'busting up A's by exposure and were very vigilante about it. I agree this was very harmful. One has to be careful, and not act in haste or spite, and be mindful, if exposing anything, of not only who you are exposing to, but how they may react, feel, because they will possibly be affected by issues from their own past, and by current loyalties.

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H 46
M in 1986
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H recommitted to M 07/06
renewed vows 09/06
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