Mega lurker checking in, lol! It's been a while since I've come here to vent, but only you all could really understand...

So... I'm very over x and wouldn't want him back if he begged me now... the thing is, it seems he has a new gf now (mind you, his divorce hearing from fruitcake wont' be til October)...
I have NO feelings for him, I swear, but I think a primitive "you have someone and I don't" jelousy takes me over when he is with someone. I recognize it, it's the green eyed monster, it is not that someone is with him but that I don't have someone... I hate this feeling! It does not help that he is lying about it and covering it, why? beats me...

I think what really infuriates me are his stupid lies and mind games... his mom died last week and he kept asking me in an incredulous voice "you are going to the funeral?" even though at the end she wanted nothing to do with him and I helped care for her... she told me she loved me and called my name when delirious. This is the kind of crap & mind games he'd pull before... bet gf wanted to go and he wanted to see if he could discourage me from going.

Then yesterday he says "someone" have him free tickets to take kids to the water park... he wouldnt' tell me were the park was and kept talking in plural ("we" this and that). Not that he needs to report himself everytime he dates, is that he can just be frank not make up so many lies... maybe he thinks I'll say no to mess with him? phluase!

Had to get that off my chest... phew! I know people here have bigger problems, but this place has always been my safe haven for me to whine and complain, if you read this far hugs :))

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