Thanks Saffie... hope all goes well with......
Anyway... Three beans... IF YOU DON"T EXPECT ANYTHING... you are NEVER disappointed....

First let me tell ya STANFORD UNIVERSITY was fantasticthe Campus was huge AND the President of Mexico was there and gave the commencement speech got there Saturday and went for a walk it was nice then we had dinner with family at a beer pub and had a great time. BUT alas when we got back to the hotel room I was tired from the long drive and so was wife so we slept.of course during the night we did snuggle..that morning when I got up for some reason I had a dizzy spell. I could not look up without getting dizzy..The main ceremony was at the Stanford stadium... (That is where the President spoke) after we were to go the Architectural engineering department to watch our nephew graduate. It must have been at least a quarter mile away on campus. They had shuttles but we did not want to wait. SOOOO with my bad leg and all wife and I set off across campus.

All of a sudden without warning wife put her arm through mine. Latter she held MY handnow normally I would be the one to initiate this type of behavior. About half way across campus we walked on opposite sides of a pole and wife said Bread and butter
For those of you not familiar with that saying you say it when something comes between you and the one you love(bread and butter go together)
So yes there was no physical intimacy that weekend. (Not to say we have not been intimate at home just not as much as I would like)
But the weekend was great. I feel the end is nearWhat a long strange trip its been.. crazy

And if I claim to be a wise man, well
It surely means that I don't know