Hey all I am still alive...
Boy when someone here told me "it takes as long as is takes" they were right.

Things are changing... not where I want them yet but still farrrrrrrr better than when I first started this thread.

We are still both working... (Nice having money again)... son starts Highschool next year... (I remember when this started and he was starting junior High. Wife was worried that our problems would make it harder on him in this transition... Why she did not think about that before she cheated I don't know.
I think what has made this better for me is the fact that I have started thinking about ME... What I wanted. Not worrying about what she wanted or what would pi$$ her off.
Our nephew graduates from Stanford next weekend. Palo Alto is a couple of hours away and the graduation is early on Sunday morning…..Soooo the wife and I are going down Saturday night and staying in a hotel..(Son is staying with his sister at home)
This will be the first night in over a year that we have been alone….. At night…… in a hotel…..

And if I claim to be a wise man, well
It surely means that I don't know