Thanks all for your support. Doing the best to take care of self. Working out myself seems to help and this weekend I am seeking out the local Scuba shops to get back into Diving again. Also, over the Easter Weekend the kids and I are Camping for 3 days and The following weekend off daughter/Son-in-law and I are off to watch nascar race and spend the weekend with Family Friends

Tad, I was interested in your comment...My wife has been doing the hormine stuff for a year...will be curious to know more about the changes you noticed

Me: 53
W: 50
Married:30 years
Bomb Dropped: 3/8/2011 Wants D, ILYBINILWY
S21, D25 both out of home
Now seperated
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I made mistake 16 yrs ago
Very happy since..til 3/8