HEY Mr Bond....How ya doing?
"How are things on the 'lovin' front?"

SLOOOOOOW but sure...in the past ANYTHING with a sexual indo indu (sp) was forbidden. She would get pi$$ed. But she is coming around. (No pun intended)

In fact the other day on TV they that commercial came on about "erectile Dysfunction" meds and then they said the side effects. I kind of laughed and said "great ya get an erection but then have the side affect of diarrhea...She laughed and said "ya and then they talk about having an erection for 4 hours to seek medical attention. I told her “heck if I had one for 4 hours I would use every minute of it"...she laughed.
I have seen a BIG change in her since she is going back to work. Now is the time for the flowers... and a congratulations card and maybe ......"Now that we both have jobs...Does this mean we can have sex again???

And if I claim to be a wise man, well
It surely means that I don't know