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Only after she's on her own can there be any progress in either direction.

I have kept up with your thread Pickle. I agree with your statement that I have quoted above.

BUT... you do not need to do this in a non-DB way. You seem very angry right now. VERY understandable. But not usually helpful.

Don't sink to the level where your W is right now. Don't let anger guide you and your actions man.


I'd also add that, IMO, you haven't given this enough time. I think that you do need space from W and need to get DARK. Remember, TIME AND PATIENCE.

The only way to go dark is if we part ways.
D negotiations or at least threat of destroying the fantacy is actually going to be the best way to make her face the consequences.

Before D, I could not legally kick her out and I could not leave without risking her lawyer accusing me of abandonment.

But now I have leverage.

She had a fantasy in her head and as Gritter said, money would rain down from the sky. But now I have to play my hand.

Keep your fingers crossed, because I have detached.

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