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If she is not, how are you going to show her what reality looks like?

This is what I am talking about - another question.

First let me explain what her fantasy looks like.

Bear in mind that she hates her mother for doing exactly what she's doing, except back then her dad was deployed and her mother told him "don't come home." W and little brother were about the same age as my kids. W is scarred and conflicted.

Her fantasy is: we live as brother and sister until kids are old "enough" to handle seperation. Meanwhile she continues to pursue R with OM. She keeps her home and swimming pool and kids and househusband/handyman and goes on jaunts to Ohio every couple of months to see OM.

Reality is: I will not live with her while she pursues a romance with OM - period.

And I will claim half of everything - as much as the laws of the state of Florida allow.

She's painted me into a corner Jack.

PS> It irks me that without exposure the kids will never fully understand why Pops (fill in the blank).

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