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There is plenty you can do to influence your wife. It's not angry, immoral, being an A$$ or wrong. A predator is attacking your wife and family. Do you like sharing your wife with another man? Is what you are doing lining up with your core values? There is a reason you are angry. Make sure your actions line up with your values, decide on a healthy & productive plan and then act. (BTW anger is a good sign from your wife, it means she is still interested in you.)
Look around here on DB, do you seen any man with his wife in a affair getting anywhere? To quote my Greek FIL, "There is a hole in the soup."

Sure hope those books you ordered showed up.

Unfortuanately, W seems to have no problem with the predator.
Yes I love sharing my W with an OM - PUHLEASE, Do you have to even ask?

My core values have changed with the D. When I thought there was still a chance I was willing to "wait" and DB to see if that would work and endure the EA becuse he's 500 miles away.

My core values have always been for the sake of the kids and the home, to give DBing a chance. All for the kids, setting aside my pride and anger.

But with the D looming, everyting's changed. My only hope now is to shake the foundations of her fantasy world if that's even possible, all the while doing what is best for the kids - within the bounderies on NOT SHARING W WITH PREDATOR.

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