I understand your feelings and what your anger is telling you.

I also understand tough love tactics as I employed them in my sitch.

You must decide for yourself.

Then decide from the results of those decisions.

One piece of advice re: the kids.

Keep them out of it. They should not IMO be part of your exposure tactics.

Your job is not to repair any relationship between your W and the kids.

Your job is not to damage it.

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Look around here on DB, do you seen any man with his wife in a affair getting anywhere?

This is absolutely true. Your M and any chance at reconciliation will not begin until her A ends.

Eventually you have to come to a place of love and compassion with what has happened to you...

Whether your W comes back or not.

That being the healthy goal. For you and your family.

Weigh it against what you decide to do now.

My goal is to some day be the person my dog thinks I am