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What is your anger telling you right now?

My anger is telling me to stick it to her, 'cause being mister nice guy has yielded no results. She's gone ahead with her D plans and full steam ahead with EA. But my anger is not going to control my actions.

In Dobson's book, "Love Must Be Tough" he says that in some cases the only thing left to do is to create a crisis. That's what I intend to do, nothing terrible, just give her the realization that her dream fantasy of househusband taking care of the yard and the kids, while she carries on with OM is not going to happen.

And when D17 asks why: "Daughter, you know that civil divorce is just a piece of paper and that in our faith (unless mommy gets an annulment) I will always be her husband in the eyes of God. I am risking you hating me for telling you this, but you must know that I have sound reason for not wanting to live with mommy. For the past six months she has been giving to another man what is strictly reserved for her husband, and she continues to this day and has no intention to stop. So I cannot be with someone who shows such disrespect for me and contempt for her wedding promises. I'm very, very sorry."

Me 53 XW 50
M 18 Years +2
S14 D19
Bomb 10-24-10
Served 1-27-11
Mediate 4-21-11
Civil D Final 6-2-11
No church anullment
"A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits."