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I made the mistake of thinking the EA would fizzle as I tried to be her friend and re-connect. But it did not work. LRT did not work either.

Have you given it enough time Pickle? Remember, Time and Patience my friend.

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What she needs at this point in her MLC is to confront the consequences of her choices. She needs a crisis that will call into question her fantasy.

Maybe. Probably. But you do not need to sink to her level in accomplishing this. Nor do you need to give up on your M and family. How much do you want it? I know that it is easier said than done, but don't let your anger guide you.

M 43
X 38
T 13
W moves out of home 11/2010
Roller coaster from hell 2/2011-5/2012
I request divorce 5/2012
W moves home 6/2012
Good time 7/2012 - 1/2015
I leave 3/2016
process of divorce