Well I couldn't hold in any longer.

After getting in bed last night I got back up and went to confront W.
It was bothering me that she spoke with kids privately to break the news to them. It bothered me that they were only getting her side of all this. She said she did tell them it was only her who wanted the D and did not want to be M anymore, but of course left out anything about OM.

I said next time she talks to them about the sitch, I want to present.

Then things escalated: "you can speak with them anytime etc."
I said, "Tell them everything." I want them to know the real reason household will be broken up, not just some innocent crap about her wanting out. So I insist I want them to know "everything". She said I just want to hurt them. I said no I want them to know the real reason their home is going to be sold from under them.

It will hurt them to a degree, and I do not want to be the messanger that they'll prefer to "shoot." But for my own sanity they must understand why I cannot tag along as a roommate in her world. It's really pissing me off that she's "getting away" with this wake of destruction.

Is that wrong of me? any suggestions?

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