I feel exactly as Angel61.
I'm so much happier when W is not around.
But what about my son? What is best for him?

Like she said it's just a piece of paper.
We're Catholic, so in my view D doesn't mean anything more than civil and legal stuff. Unless she get's an annulment, we'll still be married in the eyes of God and the church.

As far as bounderies go, I had no levereage before, because of the depth of her MLC tunnel and concern for my kids. So I tried the waiting game, to DB, LRT etc. Now I'll have a little leverage. I know she doesn't want to lose the home, but I also have to be willing to sacrifice it in order to set the boundery. But again what is best for the kids? Should I leave it up to a judge and accumulate legal debts in a fight I could easily lose.

These are questions I'll bring up to my atty. I'd so love to be rid of her for a while, but the kids have to come first. Should I swallow my pride for a couple of years - no not if she dates. My prediction is that we'll remain under the same roof until it sells.

Me 53 XW 50
M 18 Years +2
S14 D19
Bomb 10-24-10
Served 1-27-11
Mediate 4-21-11
Civil D Final 6-2-11
No church anullment
"A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits."