No Pickle, its not crazy. I perfectly understand, because, like you, I feel that DB'ing is nto working while we are together. In Bradleys post (have you read that? I think is in MLC) he said that the WAS should experience the LBS detachment for it to work.

I myself have found that I am happier and more comfortable when my H is not around. He went out of town for two days this week and I felt so free, I thought I was finally totally detached, but now I am depressed again, seeing his morose face, experiencing his aloofness. I am fantasizing living by myself with D12 more and more. I cannot even think of reconciliation scenarios - it seems so remote, so impossible.

But seeing D12 and him together breaks my heart. She loves him so much, and he does love her too, a lot.

Even if we are married, it is a roomate condition. Same with you, Pickle. What difference does a pece of paper make? Maybe the financials at least can be ironed out.

Do you honestly think though that she will honor the "no OM" if you are roomates?


Me:49 H:45 D:12 M:14 T:18
Bomb: 6/26/10
EA: 9/3/10, fizzled out slowly, now ???
11/5/11 Retrouvaille
Finally piecing....
Its peaceful at last, but we got a looong way to go