I am deeply torn over putting S12 through this.

I am thinking about taking the full 20 days to respond, so she has time to think about breaking up the household and childrens' lives.

Then stipulate in a counter proposal either of the following.

1. Stay until house sells. Or.
2. Stay until D17 graduates (S12 will be in 8th grade). Or.
3. Stay until S12 is older than that.

All three would be subject to no dating and no seeing the OM. (no control over email and texting anyway)

The problem with no seperation is she would not get a chance to realize that I am not the source of her misery, and there'll be no "missing" me, not to assume she would anyway.

The problem with seperation is all to do with the children. They are innocent bystanders and I should do what is best for them. Also, so far DBing has not worked under the same roof.

Does that sound crazy anybody? Feedack?

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