For whatever reason she may be opening the lines of communication probably shouldn't matter, at least the lines are being opened, and that is kind of the goal isn't it?

I know you don't want it to be because of filing, none of us do. Try to worry about that if it happens. Worrying about things like this is what takes us back out of the positive moods we get in. I can tell you are coming out of yours.

I was also worried about the month following holiday's. Nothing has really changed with my W other than a little less tense when communicating, maybe a little more conversation,but not much. No papers yet. I spent the whole month tearing myself apart for nothing.

Why would you think that she would open lines of communication to file? I would think it would be the opposite. If my W started getting really cold and distant is when I would start worrying, but that is just me.

It is scary that I could think that my W could be any more cold and distant than she already is.

Hang in there.

H-40 W-38
boy-7 girl-3
No papers
live together
No affair