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1. I wanted to compare the volume from month to month, to see if there were any changes.

I understand this and when you've had enough you'll stop.

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2. I wanted to have the evidence on an EA in case we got to court and W denied existance of OM.

I wouldn't worry about this one. I am not a lawyer so if you have one and he told you to do this...then it's your choice.

FL right?

You don't have to prove it and it won't matter.

I may be wrong but Fl is a no fault state with car accidents and marriages so you can pretty much cause all the damage you want with no responsibility.

I am simpliflying this of course Pickle.

Protect yourself, legally, financially, emotionally and any other way she may hurt you and live your life like she ain't comin' back.

My goal is to some day be the person my dog thinks I am