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I don't see her missing me at all while still living together and she's texting and calling OM it seems every spare minute from the phone records. She does not know I've seen the records.

Pickle I would stop this if I were you.

Some may disagree.

If your goal is to detach then this will only cause you pain to read it and know what is happening. You will live it alongside her.

Stop watching her and start living for you. Just live.

Denver I am humbled that you found my words of use to share them here. I believe each word.

It is always amazing to me to read them and remember my journey and how it unfolded.

My friends this takes time if you read what I wrote up there it came aLONG the way.

... and really hard work to ask yourself questions every day.

If you suffer ask yourself why. Ask yourself what YOU control.

My goal is to some day be the person my dog thinks I am