You're doing all that you can do Pickle. And, while there was a time when I would have jumped on SBH's bandwagon about A's, I think that you are doing the right thing.

SBH - I understand what you are saying, but honestly, no one really knows how they will truly react to any given situation until they are actually faced with it. That's something that I've definitely learned through this process. There are just so many factors that can be involved with each particular sitch. There really isn't any true "black and white" area with any of these situations. Most of us, if not all, are dealing with gray. That is the reality once we find ourselves here.

M 43
X 38
T 13
W moves out of home 11/2010
Roller coaster from hell 2/2011-5/2012
I request divorce 5/2012
W moves home 6/2012
Good time 7/2012 - 1/2015
I leave 3/2016
process of divorce