I admire you Pickle. I have no idea how you or any other of these fine DB'ers can hold back from calling out W on PA's and EA's...

I would be absolutly beside myself and could not hold back for even a moment.

I'm sure that would work against me and make my W leave. Or maybe she would wake up and come running back. I guess you have to be willing to take that chance. And for my own sanity I would be willing to take that chance.

I guess my reasoning is this: If my W is having A while she is my WIFE (I had to spell it out), Then that's not what I want for a W... I guess I would figure that there MUST be someone better out there for me... Would I be in extreme pain, dang right! But I would be in MORE pain letting it go on...

This is just MHO... In all sincerity, I truly respect your ability to hold back.

M: 42 - W: 41 - M: 18 - T: 23 - D:16 S:14
EA - July 2010
NC w/EA - Nov 2010
Piecing - Jan 2011
I ask for div - Jan 2012
Div papers filed - Mar 2012
I move out - July 2012
Divorce final - Nov 7, 2012