Pickle. She is playing hard ball with you and she is winning.

The goal as my IC stated is to "make her miss you"...

The only way to do that is to GAL, and have fun living YOUR life.

Trust me when I say that it is sooooo easier said then done. You long for any sign of the "old her"...

She is gone for now. Stop asking her ANYTHING!

Don't ask if shes hungry
Don't ask if shes thursty
Don't ask if shes tired
Don't ask if she wants to go to dinner
Don't ask if she wants to exchange gifts
Don't ask if she wants to see a movie

get it!

You are pursuing. You are looking for a positive reaction, something, anything, you are desperate...

This is all understandable and it will take unreal strength to stop, but STOP YOU MUST!!!

Please Pickle, STOP! She knows it's her birthday! She knows you want to take her out! She sees your desperation...

Your better off just writing a little note so she knows that her birthday is important to you without pursuing.

Example: "Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday"...

Then go and do something for yourself... I feel your pain Pickle but your W has too much power. Take it back!

M: 42 - W: 41 - M: 18 - T: 23 - D:16 S:14
EA - July 2010
NC w/EA - Nov 2010
Piecing - Jan 2011
I ask for div - Jan 2012
Div papers filed - Mar 2012
I move out - July 2012
Divorce final - Nov 7, 2012