Great article. Kudos to the author's parents for making it to their 50th. Marriages in-intact for that long are trully rare.

Whether EA or PA both are deadly to a marriage. You need not be in a motel room with SOOTYS to escape your marriage.

Remorse for and by the cheating spouse's actions is key. Otherwise it can be expected to happen again.

I have spoken to many older individuals who left their 1st marriage and reflect back with regret after 20+ years, "She didn't get the best of me when I was that young. Today I am settled and a much better man." "My pride got in the way of my marriage. Today, I am older and wiser." "She was a good woman to me. I could have been better to her." "I was too young. I lacked the wisdom I have now." Despite it all, it doesn't excuse the pain you caused someone else.

M = 10.5 years
H = 35
W = 39
D = 10
S = 12
SD = 19
Bomb Dropped = 10/27
EA = April