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Do not tell WAW that you would still like to share your life with her.

She needs to feel that you've moved on,
only when she feels this, will the possibility of her feelings returning for you ever happen.

If you bring up that you still want to be with her,
it will come off as you dating to make her jealous and that will blow up in your face.

Continue feeling confident and happy,
do not give your wife any details about the women you are dating, just do it. If she asks just tell her that you do not think it's a good idea for you to talk to her about the women you've been seeing. You've finally realized that waiting for your wife to make up her mind was never going to work. She told you to date, she told you she wasn't coming back, you finally got the message and there is no use in crying over spilled milk, what's done is done and you know it's over for good and you're finally ok with the marriage being over and you're just sorry it took so long for you to finally get the message and understand it.

And that's it.

You don't ever tell her one more time (which becomes several times after that because you will feel that you have to repeat it so that she hears you, NO! never tell her she has a chance, she has to feel that LOST her chance) that you want to be with her, she will only feel those "feelings" for you when she "feels" that you are moving on. She can't want something she has, she can only want something she doesn't have... which is YOU.

You're doing good, keep on going in this direction,
you finally caught the ball, don't fumble it, keep moving in that direction and things will get clearer for you as you progress, you will learn the "game" for lack of a better description and you will get better at playing this game and you will finally feel the momentum of the situation switch over to your side where it should have been for a long time now. We told you to do this a long time ago, I'm glad you finally took that leap of faith and did what you had to do.

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