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I read her the riot act last night, it degenerated into a massive argument, then into an R talk about how she didn't know if she could live without me and might be willing to try again. She just rang me from the office today telling me how much she loves me over and over again and that she wants to try and make our marriage work..... I'm a little bit shocked..

Holy $hit, I wish I could see the look on your face right now ;-)

Now don't go turning into "Mr.Melty man" or getting all sensitive and lovey dovey, maybe you should be testing her right now to make sure she isn't playing you, it can happen - just another one of those dang tests ;-)

Another thing, she cheated on you.
If you take her back so easily after she hugs and kisses you and tells you she loves you over & over again, it just tells her that she can make these kinds of mistakes and you will just take her back easily. You need to make her work for this, for you. You aren't easy, you have high standards, she broke your trust, she needs to earn back that trust, you can't give it to her easily, in fact if you do, then earning your trust means nothing to her and more importantly to you.

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