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Amsterdam was GREAT! Walked the Red Light district, but didn't get into any trouble. Thought hard about it though. Smoked, ate "spece cakes", and drank too much. What a place. Lots of beautiful women in Amsterdam. LOTS OF BICYCLES in Amsterdam. There are bike traffic jams!!

In Munich now for Oktoberfest. Got here about 10am today and walked to the grounds. It was raining when we got here, but cleared up before too long. That place is nuts too. People drinking huge steins of beer everywhere. One guy leaned over and puked his guts out. 10 min later he had another stein of beer.,There are some pretty extreme looking rides that I want to try too! May get out on a castle tour in the morning...Anyway, gotta get to bed so I can get up tomorrow. This may be the most sleep have gotten while traveling and it is 1 am. Been up til 3am or later too many nights in a row.

Is this GAL? As my former neighbor would say - To the MAX!

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