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The way I look at the fake until you make....is that we eventually become our thoughts. If we do positive things "on purpose"--does it mean we are faking if we don't really think or feel the positive thing we did? If that was the case then I probably would not go to my job site a lot of days, nor tollerate some of the people I come in contact with (nor smile at them).....and I wouldn't attend Church regularly, or try to cheer another person when I felt off myself. But I've learned that if I determine within my own heart to put into motion what I "know" is more positive than how I may "feel", then my thoughts/attitude will catch up. Do you see what I'm trying to say? The point is to eventually "make" it...or in other words, "become" what you are projecting!

None of us know what is our end. I'm not sure we need to know. We face life with our personal beliefs/standards and faith. We make the most, hopefully, of each day that we have.

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