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You will be painted as the bad guy. You will find many people whom you thought were your friends ... aren't.

This process really shows you who your friends are. Don't get discouraged about the process simply because your friends don't have the guts to confront your WS.

You haven't been at this for very long. MWD makes it very clear in her book that patience isn't just a necessity, she must be your very best friend.

There are people who have been doing this over a year before they saw any positive results come in... This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Think about music practice, exercise, dieting, etc... It takes time to notice the changes... This is no different.

It's going to get bad before it gets better. Affairs take time to fizzle out, exposure is one step that brings them to the light of day and a LOT of the excitement wears off... Then the bickering will gradually start...

It takes TIME, you haven't been doing this very long. It too me over a YEAR before my wife told OM to get lost... and that was just the first time, she backslid several times before the final exit happened and she fully came clean.

It takes TIME...

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