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should i walk away for good
Yes. That should have been the FIRST thing you did. Hanging in there with a man who says they don't want to be with you is silly. It also very seldom works. It usually ends up exactly as you are right now, which is a lot of wasted time and energy to arrive at the same place you started.

My advice is is to walk away for good and find a man who WANTS to be with you and shows you he does. You act like this is the ONLY man in the world. He isn't. Go find another one. You WILL suddenly feel on top of the world and wonder why you were so silly on waiting for a man who says he is done.

Start dating. Don't let others tell you that you aren't ready. If you aren't ready to date, then you aren't ready to see your husband if he wanted to come back.

Find someone else. Someone who treats you right and wants to be with you. This advice may be so simple that it isn't what you want to hear. However, you did ask.......

I agree with Mr. Gucci on this one. Wholeheartedly.

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