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...I don't recommend showing him posts here... We can't give you effective strategy if he's reading it himself.

Once the affair is over and you are reconciling THEN you can open up about this stuff.. But right now is NOT a good idea.

Never mind how YOU feel about the journaling. HIS reaction won't help your marriage right now at all... He will NOT be fair OR rational about what he's read... If anything he will use it as ammunition to exit the marriage.

I HAVE seen a WS find a LBS thread here and he printed all the posts up, took them to the MC session, ambushed his wife and ended the marriage right there and then.

Don't underestimate how violated HE will feel finding his life on a public forum... particularly painting him as a passive aggressive escapist sleazeball...

Keep the forum to yourself for now... sharing this with him any time soon will not help your marriage.

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