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...it is not time for an "all cards on the table talk",
she has seen your hand for quite some time, she knows your cards,
you on the other hand are the one hoping to get a glimpse of her cards.

You're still attached,
she hasn't felt you let go at all,
a talk like this will confirm it to her and you will just get more of the same.

Let go, I mean really let go.

The sooner you do, the sooner you may actually see any positive results in your situation.

Another talk will not work.

If you need a "talk" to move on in one definite direction or another, then you have not moved on. A decisive man would have made the decision without requiring a "talk" to confirm what he wants to do.

What would your talk accomplish?
What would you say?
"Look wife, I've had enough of this separation business, come home now so that we can be in love again otherwise I'm moving on, this time I mean it!"

That won't work.

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