But for me, it came down to two things: (1) the kids deserved my effort...they didn't deserve having their world rocked without a 100% effort to keep it together. (2) I came to this forum and read Michelle's book with a goal in mind to beat the odds and save the M...I had a chance to meet my original goal and learned how fortunate I was to even have that opportunity

GW this was your post from the piecing forum.

I am getting the chance that every one come here for. I cried
yesterday thinking this day would never come. They were tears of joy b/c all the hard work I did over the past year paid off.
I gave up a few times early on but always came back here to post.

I don't know the exact reason why W wants to work on it but I would like to think it is a combination os all my actions.

I know I'm not out of the woods but the light from the promise land can be seen. I need to take the correct path.

So much learned and still so much to be learned.

Bomb 8/09. Brief piecing 12/10. D-2/12
Two incredible kids D9,S6 Leading new life!
“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become."