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Yup, she's gonna bait you.

These are all TESTS... when she said the affair is your fault and she wants to leave the subtext is : "Are you a man?"..."Can I invest my life into this marriage again?"

That is what she's ASKING YOU.. and when YOU give her a fight like a child would then you answered her an affirmative "NO"

Adults don't get goaded into fights... Have you ever seen a seven year old pick a fight with their parent and SUCCEED?

Not very often... Because parents know its all bullchit and the kid is just TESTING THEM.

BE her parent right now... no fights...

you need to show her you are man enough to take her bullets and not flinch

She's testing you like a teenager tests their parents... the LAST thing you want to do is start a shouting match... If you start a shouting match, you have already lost...

Show your wife the maturity needed for marriage, and the maturity that the OM LACKS.

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