i hate to ask this question here but what is 'active listening'?

It's when you really, really listen without trying to talk somebody out of their feelings.

For example, let's say you have a small child. Let's say your wife is out of town on business for a week.

You small child says, "I wish mommy were here with us".

If you aren't actively listening, you might say, "I know, but she can't be", and the child may get more aggitated.

What is your child really saying?

"I miss mom".

So if you said, "I know. I wish she were here too", you have understood, you have validated their feelings instead of trying to logically reason with them about how mom can't be there, and your child feels that you really heard them.

Active listening. What is it they are really saying? Are they trying to tell you how they feel?

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