Communication from W much better this past weekend. She gave me updates about the kids and D5 schooling, even texted me last night stating teachers may go on strike.
I just replied: Thanks for the info, I'll watch the news.

An hour later she texts me: I am friends with the principal at the high school and he said teachers need to give 48 hours notice before striking.

The my neighbor texts me saying his W went to see my W Saturday night.
I told him I already knew this b/c D5 told me earlier that day.

He says his W didn't go into it but he'll let me know.

I say: know what?

He said: If anything was discussed

I said: It doesn't matter anymore, I don't want to know.

He and I went out the same night and his W was didn't want to tell him she was seeing my W.

I don't know what the big deal is, they did things when W lived at home. His W knows I have had a OW in my life. Not sure if she would say anything, but at this point I'm not concerned.

Mediation Saturday to move one step closer to D.

BTW the Polish festival was awesome.

Bomb 8/09. Brief piecing 12/10. D-2/12
Two incredible kids D9,S6 Leading new life!
“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become."