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This is the point of the exposure, it SHOULD educate as well... You want to make it EASY for them to avoid the infidelity.

I often tell people to give them an out :

I am not asking you to confront my husband, or sit with him for hours and lecture him about how abusive infidelity is.

What I AM asking for is at bare minimum you won't get INVOLVED with him OR his infidelity. What I AM asking for is for you to REFUSE outings with him and OW. What I AM asking for is for you to simply distance yourself from his abusive lifestyle that is hurting me and even members of his own family. What I AM asking for is you to NOT become PART of his infidelity by socializing with either of them...

We ARE MARRIED still and WH's infidelity is incredibly abusive and disrespectful to me.

Please don't disappoint me or his family by allowing him to manipulate you into becoming part of his abuse.

Just say NO.. It's ONE SYLLABLE...

"What is best for my kids is best for me"
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