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Sit her down one day and just be straight with her,
"look this whole process we're going through is because you weren't happy with us or specifically with me. I just didn't do it for you anymore, and you really didn't enjoy being married to me. Looking back I can see you felt like this for quite some time, its the reason why you had that first affair and it's the reason why we split up this time. I get it and I'm fine with it, and it's time for both of us to move on, I won't be knocking down your door begging you to take me back because it's not what I want anymore, truth be told I don't know what I want but I wasn't happy back there either, it's time for both of us to accept this break from each other and explore our options and see what life has in store for us. We're going to have to communicate and be civil with regards to the kids, I know I will do my part in that, but as far as all of this other stuff, maybe it's time you tried taking care of this stuff by yourself instead of always relying on me to do it, not being mean or punitive but I'm a busy guy too and between the kids, my work and my personal life, there isn't a lot of time left over to be available as much as I am to you, I hope you can respect me enough to give me my space now that we're no longer together."

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Don't text a message like that,
you sit them down the next time you see them,
and you start it off by saying
"Maybe you should sit down, we need to talk about something...."

takes less than a minute and it has a lasting impact,
because you did it in person, you initiated the conversation, you were genuine & honest enough to do something about the situation and you asked for space.

Doing it by email or txt would never accomplish the same thing. Emails & txt can't convey body language & sincerity expressed in your voice tone.

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