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You guys have kids together, you need to buck up, I am in tx as well, that is why I used that term.

It is tough, we are all in a tough place, but you need to man up and deal with what is going on. For you and your kids, I don't like my sitch either, but you have to live your life for you and your kids. Don't let her get the best of you. When kids are involved you have to be strong for them, you have to be their rock, period. Don't pout, sulk or be angry in front of her, you could have used this interaction to your advantage and been happy and giddy.

Its OK that you didn't but think about it. You need to SHOW her you are moving on.

>>>>>> I have been here for 10 years, with first W, busted D then backslid to no return. Back 3 years ago with 2nd W and busted it again, to be here again I would say I am a lifer here. I am not as technical as others, but I will comment when I see things that are out of whack!!!!

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