After reading some posts here especially the ones in the "Quotes found on DB" I emailed my W.

I stated it was OK for her to take the kids to the beach and have them back on Saturday night.

I then told her I would not be giving D5 gum anymore b/c of what happened over the weekend at W's house.

I then told her my plans and schedule for the kids once schoool starts and even asked her for her input about S3.( Wanted to show her I'm OK with the co-parenting issue).
I then proceeded to told her about D5's first day have school.
I will be taking her there and that W is more than welcome to come for the special day.

I ended with asking her if she wanted to meet to discuss anything that needs to be done before we meet with the mediator.

Working on the leading aspect.

Also Read greeks post about taking control if the meeting with the statement :
Here is what I would do if I were you -

Email to STBXH - I have some business concerning the divorce that I need to discuss with you. I have decided not to tackle these issues in email, so I am inviting you to meet me for a coffee at xyz. I can do it xday or yday - which one works best for you? Any time on either of those days is good - name it. Thanks. D

When he agrees to a time and day -

D to STBXH - I have decided to move forward with our divorce. I would still like to work on our M but the writing is on the wall that you are not willing - so be it. I'm moving ahead. One of us must file - I am prepared to do so unless you already have the wheels in motion to do so. In that case, here is my lawyer's card and she/he will receive your papers. I wanted to tell you face to face that I will go forward with this. Are there any loose ends you would like to tie off with me before this ball starts rolling?

Then listen. Do not fire back. Just listen.

["Why would I do this?
B/c I, like Ferris Bueller's friend Cameron believe: "I am not going to sit on my a$$, as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I'm going to take a stand..." ]"

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