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Yup, he's feeling the pressure... Do NOT REPLY to him...

You asked him NOT to contact you and less than 24 hours later he's doing it... Textbook

The more he contacts you and the more he chatters the more uncomfortable he is. This is GOOD.

Even if friends and family SHUT HIM OUT that's fine... IF they are willing to just say "I am not comfortable talking with you right now... go sort your marriage out" that's great...

Him gettin shut out socially and humiliated is pretty heavy... And it doesn't take a lot of work from friends and family to just tell him "No, I am not comfortable speaking with you while you are having an affair... goodbye"

That's all they have to do.. It woudl be great if they did more, but as long as they aren't letting him IN and SYMPATHIZING with him then you are good to go...

Once he realizes he's burning all his bridges, his workplace is after him, his money is going up in smoke, and you have a lawyer after him he will fold and offer you a deal...

Always reject the first offer.

Anything he offers you, ignore it until he offers it to the third party.

If he keeps harassing you over phone and email have your third party give him a written warning.

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