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A much better way to set this up is thru a keylogger, that she has on her computer and she KNOWS is on her computer, as part of her transparency agreement. You don't want to put yourself in the role of "daily traffic cop," because it doesn't build ATTRACTION. It makes you the dad/cop/authority figure, and last time I checked, chicks didn't fantasize about their dads.

It's the same with online accounts. You don't want to set it up where the formerly-wayward spouse says "Here, you can sit with me and we can look at my Facebook and Yahoo account anytime you want to." Cuz then you have to ASK, you're right back in that role of traffic cop, and lather-rinse-repeat. Instead, you want them to just give you all their usernames and passwords, so YOU can check them, anytime you want to, without even having to tell them or ask them.

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