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My letter goes something like this - version 2.0

I recently discovered my Husband, your brother, uncle, friend and colleague has been engaged in infidelity with a woman at work for over a year. I am devastated. He was so hurtful that he spent our wedding anniversary with this woman while I sat home alone feeling worthless and alone.

This woman is his subordinate in their workplace - Amy. My husband lied to me that he was unhappy with me and walked out of our home earlier this year. At first I thought his leaving was the marriage failing. Amy is violating my marriage and home.

I ask for your support simply by removing yourselves from his life and his affair. I apologize that my husband is lying to you. Until you have the truth you are supporting Amy and the affair instead of marriage and commitment. You are entitled to make an informed choice.

Despite this woman's egregious attack on my marriage, and my husband's horrible abuse I am willing to accept that our marriage is like any other and less than perfect. Even after I found out about the affair I invited my husband to explore counseling. My husband attended three sessions. He lied to both me and even the counselor about his affair. He was still having an affair with Amy in secret during each of those counseling sessions.

I was and I still am attempting to own and repair our marriage. I made an honest commitment and I only ask that he cooperate with me in repairing this marriage. Despite our going to counseling Amy has decided to continue to attack our marriage making it near impossible to recover. Our counselor advised me that until Amy leaves my husband alone and allows him to repair his marriage that our marriage is at a stalemate.

I am devastated and frustrated beyond description.

She is a a friend of him on Facebook, now that I have given you her name, each of you will know who she is. The commitment, as you all know, he has for military service makes this affair even more damaging to his future/career/ and retirement from the military. I am hoping you may be willing to talk some sense into him before he ruins both his career and all the years we have invested in this marriage.

I have been a good wife, friend, and sister to each of you. I have not cheated or been untrue in any way towards my Husband. It is truly unfair and unbecoming a soldier/sailor for him to treat me, our marriage, and our lives in such a reckless and careless manner.

I am seeking your support.

I want to tighten this a bit more... I think its too long... It's mostly the same as yours only a few changes.

I think it should be about half this long really.. But as is its pretty good. I may poke at it again to see if I can make it more concise... You want people to read it. They may be more interested in reading it if its shorter.

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