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In the first paragraph of your thread, it was clear to me that your W was past desperate for happiness. If you worked up to 16 hrs a day, that didn't leave much time for the two of you. Something tells me that she longed for romance but you were either too tired, too broke, or not interested. Then you waited too late, so she decided to see what it would take to shake you awake. But here's the thing....she wanted to see a knight in shinning armor come charging in and knock the OM on his butt, then sweep her up into his arms and go off into the sunset. You didn't do what she wanted. You didn't do anything like she wanted, even when OM was staying all night in your home with your W. She kept pushing OM at you b/c she wanted you to beat the snot out of him! She wanted to know you were jealous of her! She wanted a hero!

You were trying to make her see what a nice guy you are and how dedicated you are to making the M work....regardless of what she did....even with another man. But you see, that does not come off as being a nice guy, it comes off as you being worse than an old wore out doormat that just keeps laying there allowing people to wipe their sh*t on him. That ain't exactly sexy and it sure won't draw her to you.

You aren't being nice. You are being passive. If there is one thing that will turn a woman off...it is a passive man. In every paragraph you wrote, you told us how passive you really are and how you are allowing her to bully you. What do you mean she won't let you have access to the account to pay for dental care? Have some gumption, boy!

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