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The WAW will always refer to "the other problems in the M". She feels "that" is the basis of what's happening .....not her A.

So, do you know what problems she's referring to? I dare say it includes every year you've been M.

Let me throw this in free of charge. I talked to my H for years, trying to get him more involved in our R. I needed emotional intimacy but he didn't have a clue as to how to do that. By the time I was in an EA my feeling for him was in the trash can. But that was when he came to life....when he discovered OM. I think most WAW's involved in an EA, have a feeling of resentfulness toward their H for waiting until things got to the point of OM entering the picture before he begins to open his eyes & ears to what's going on in the MR. The WAW is thinking, "So this is what it took to wake you up"! The problem is that she may feel it's too little too late.

I'm not defending her but rather trying to enlighten you on what she may be feeling. She will deny OM/EA b/c that is easier. If you have solid proof then she will have an attitude of "So...what of it?" Then she'll try to reverse everything to make you out to be the bad guy. So, be prepared.

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