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It could have been anything. I'm washing the counter wrong. I'm sweeping wrong. I'm watering the plants incorrectly. It doesn't matter
It does matter or you wouldn't be here would you?

Let's flip the scenario for the men. Your wife is going to wash and wax your newly restored candy apple red '65 Mustang convertible, V-8 289, 4 speed. She hoses the car off and as she's getting ready to sponge it off she drops the sponge in a a pile of gravel and sand and starts to wipe the car down. shocked. After throughly "washing" the car she parks it in the sun and starts to apply the wax, she lets it get good and dry then decides to wipe it off a couple of hours later. eek

Do you see why to a woman bad help is worse than any help? It just creates more work for her. So if she has to refold the laundry, re-sweep the floor, rewash the counter did you really help her? Really sounds like AOS is her deal too, so it does matter. FWIW, I fold the towels in different way now. It didn't affect my manhood. cool


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