Hi all.

So, I'm at the library this morning, picking up the DR book, and at that very moment, the OW walks into the building. What are the chances? I mean, that is so weird. I just froze, she froze and then walked past me.

She and I were close friends, so I feel like I've been betrayed twice, but I know that it's not about her anymore. She is no longer in contact with my hubby and so this shouldn't affect me so profoundly, but I'm shaking right now.

Me: 34
H: 34
S: 8
D: 5
M: 10 yrs
T: 12 yrs
Affair: 7-1-10 (lasted 2 months, I caught him by reading emails, there was no sign of stopping until I caught him)
S: 7-16-10