I agree about doing what's best for the kids.

I did goto D5 party last year at her moms and thant was a week after she moved out. My DB coach suggested I go and enjoy the moment for my D, however that was when I thought there was hope the reconcile.
This time it's different, I'm in a different mind set and really don't want to see her or her family. I also don't want the kids to get false hope by seeing us together. D5 just two weeks ago was crying to me about that so I don't want her to have those feelings revisit her.

W did say at the end of her invite that she would understand if I didn't come.

Her P's have been D for 20+ years. Her mom remarried and dad didn't.
They both would come to family functions in the past.
I think W thinks we will have the same R with eachother has her P's do.

Maybe, but not anytime soon.

She also blocked me from her FB account. I don't know why I could see anything on her wall.

Just waiting for her to reply the the email about the finances.
She replied to my other other emails about the kids and schedule.

Bomb 8/09. Brief piecing 12/10. D-2/12
Two incredible kids D9,S6 Leading new life!
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