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[quote=Puppy Dog Tails]Wow, just realized that my last post was my 16,999th, and so I figured I'd better post something REALLY MEANINGFUL and INSIGHTFUL for my next one.

So here it is. Call it

"Puppy's Short Version, All-Inclusive Advice" for Waylayed Spouses Who Just Got Bombed"

1. Get proof (of whether or not there's OM/OW). Hint: There almost always is.

2. Do either:

2a. Aggressive affair-busting (see Allen A's posts over in Infidelity)

Allen A's Posts

; or

2b. "Set Them Free" (Robx/Gucci approach)

"Setting Them Free"

Those are the only two things I've seen work. If #1 turns up nothing, then proceed to #2b. And in the meantime, GAL your ass off, and become the better option. Best case, you'll attract them back, and at a minimum you'll become a better person that will be more attractive to SOMEBODY in your next relationship.


Thanks, but you still missed my best one, yesterday. I even put a "Yes, Ready2Change, you need to STICKY THAT SUCKA!!" in it. grin