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Yes, it's a personal decision for everyone. I know why my W left. I know what I need to do for my sitch and it's not dating. I can completely understand Gucci's advice about dating though, but again, it's just not for me. I do like Gucci's other advice to me.

I understand about the dating it doesn't mean you can't be mysterious and interact with women. Get on FB and start making friends with some women - DB friends, old HS/college friends, co-workers etc. Go out with your friends to bars, listen to music, festivals. The word will get back to your wife that you are a busy man. You don't have to cross any of your beliefs or values to accomplish the same thing.

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It's not about dating, it's about being mysterious and keeping her guessing. If asked, be vague.

Don't make things easy for her. Make things easy for you.

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